Release Notes - 22 October 2020

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New features

Subscription addons, lab features and solutions are now visible via the Usage and Billing settings area, as well as from the main navigation menu.

For customers on our Professional plan addons can be managed and enabled on the spot and no longer require you to contact us. Most are available with a free 7 day trial, and include

  • Asset management

  • Certifications

  • Customer portals

  • Insight dashboards

  • Planned maintenance

  • Problem management

  • Region management

  • SMS notifications

  • Trades

For customers on our Enterprise plan you'll need to reach out to our customer success team to gain access. Addons available include

  • All addons and lab features available in Professional

  • Automation

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Compound assets

  • Contractor portals

  • Custom access levels / user groups

  • GIS drawing tools for assets and sites

Solutions available on our Enterprise plan include

  • 24x7 support

  • Custom domain name

  • High throughput API

  • Private apps / integrations

  • Single sign on (SSO)

  • UAT environments

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