STEP 1 You can add a person either from your Home screen or the Workforce space, as you prefer. The Getting Started section assists you to add the very first person, from then onward you may use either of the options as shown below:

When using the Getting Started section, select Contractor on Invite your First User (1 as shown above) and proceed with filling out the details about the new person you wish to add.

If you’re using the Contractors quick access button on the Home screen (2 as shown above) or alternatively the Workforce tab on the left panel of your screen (3 as shown above), you will be directed to the Workforce space where you can add the details of the person in the same way but through a Create button.

STEP 2 Fill out the person’s contact details and other relevant information.

STEP 3 Complete the procedure by clicking the CREATE button.

Now when you view the Workforce space, you can see the new person is added.

Next up, see how to dispatch people to work on a certain job at the customer location in the article Assign your Workforce with Jobs (in Contractor Portal).

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