Release Notes - 11 August 2020

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New features

Searching for and creating contacts against a job, quote, asset etc has been simplified through the introduction of contact type grouping and inline creation

  • Now when you edit a field, for example Alternate contact on a job, you will see all of your contacts grouped into Workforce, Customer and Customer contact sections to help visualise what sort of contact they are

  • As you type, if you don't see the person you're looking for you will be presented with the option to create them without having to go to another workspace to do so

  • You can now also search for contacts by email address

  • This is the first stage of this feature and will be extended in future to provide more contextual information such as automatic customer filtering, additional information against each contact and so on

Trade settings has been overhauled and migrated into HTML, including the introduction of additional functionality to make it easier to view and manage trades and their associations to your Workforce and and Task templates

Feature improvements and changes

  • Comments and instructions on tasks can now be deleted by anyone who has permission to delete the job or quote they are associated to

  • Assets and sites can now be exported to PDF using the new Share function

  • Compound assets now display a yellow indicator if the asset or it's descendants have active problems

Bug fixes

  • Custom fields marked as required are now correctly enforced during creation

  • An issue where the location field was not clickable on some assets has been fixed

  • An issue where assignee search would fail when adding labour logs has been fixed

  • An issue where task instructions would occasionally be loaded against the wrong task has been fixed

  • The workforce created column no longer shows 12am for all contacts

  • Invoice items are now added correctly to existing invoices where that invoice has no line items

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