Release Notes - 30 June 2020

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New features

The Email someone about this, Open web view and Export functions for an individual quote, job, invoice, asset, site or project have been consolidated into a single Share and export panel that is accessed by clicking on the existing share button

  • When emailing someone from the Share and Export panel, you can now choose whether you would like to include a PDF attachment (previously accessed via Export), a link to a public web view that anyone can access (previously accessed via Open web view), or a link to the private web view for authenticated users, technicians and contractors in your workforce (the in-app inspector page you're likely sharing from)

  • If you would like to share or access a PDF attachment, public link or private link outside of Loc8 rather than via email you can do so via the quick link at the bottom of the panel which provides the option to export the PDF document, copy the public link or copy the private link

  • In addition, when emailing someone from the share panel, you can now search for contacts in Loc8 by their name as well as their email address

  • Please note: For anyone in your workforce who only has access to export without the ability to share via email (such as our Contractors), opening the Share and export panel will only provide the ability to export

You'll now be notified if someone updates something you're looking at, across all major Loc8 workspaces, be it a quote, job, invoice, asset etc

  • If you are looking at a quote for example, and another person (or multiple people, or an external integration) happen to be working on it at the same time, as soon as they make a change you'll be notified in near real time that someone has updated the quote

  • The update notification includes a link to optionally refresh the view, which if clicked will retain your current position so you don't need to find your way back to where you were (as per typical behaviour when you refresh the browser)

  • Notifications are sent exclusively within the Loc8 browser app, bearing no relationship to any email or system notifications that are configured

Feature improvements and changes

  • Flags and warnings on assets, sites and jobs now include a read more link to allow you to view longer messages

  • When exporting a selection of jobs from the advanced export area, you can now optionally export related travel logs and comments (as well as the existing options of time logs and tasks)

Minor changes

  • When completing a task requires you to select from a list of results, a search field is now available to help narrow down the selection

  • When moving a task between jobs, if the destination job is not valid an error is shown immediately

  • The asset / site importer now honours the configuration to require unique values across all site reference fields

  • The customer address on the public quote, job and invoice views (previously known as web views) has been tweaked slightly to adopt a more universally accepted layout / format, now also including the Address 2 field

Bug fixes

  • When adding a task to a job it is no longer possible to select assets for another customer

  • Assets that have been scrapped no longer appear in the available assets list when adding a task to a quote or job

  • An issue where follow-on jobs would occasionally be created with duplicate ID's has been fixed

  • When a quote is sent it's status is now correctly updated right away

  • The appointment filter in the job workspace now clears correctly when the X button is clicked

  • Changing a custom field name no longer changes the custom field type

  • An issue where some jobs generated via maintenance schedules were missing their tasks has been fixed

  • An issue where some users were shown an unauthenticated warning on uploading an attachment has been fixed

  • The public view of a job (previously known as the web view) now displays all location types, including non-site addresses and gps coordinates

  • The public view of a job (previously known as the web view) no longer shows Assigned technicians twice

  • An issue where the public view of a job (previously known as the web view) wouldn't show tasks has been fixed

  • When importing assets the ID is no longer automatically updated for existing assets

  • Several additional minor asset importer bugs have been fixed

  • An issue where exports from the asset workspace would not send has been fixed

  • Duplicate columns are no longer shown in emailed reports

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