Release Notes - 19 May 2020

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New features

Users and technicians can be temporarily or permanently 'disabled'
To help you manage how and when your workforce can access Loc8, you can now disable users and technicians from the workforce area which effectively prevents them from being able to log in to Loc8 to access data, perform work and so on.

  • What does disabling a user or technician achieve? Disabling a user or technician simply prevents an individual from being able to log in to Loc8 to access data, perform work and so on. This is a useful function because it allows you to retain all of their data, whilst preventing them from accessing Loc8 if they are on leave, no longer working for your organisation, or otherwise currently not permitted access.

  • Does disabling a user or technician delete or modify any data? No

  • Does disabling a user or technician affect their assignments? No. Job / appointment assignment for a user or technician is not changed in any way when they are disabled. As such, if you disable someone who was due to attend an appointment at some point in the future you will then need to consider re-assigning that that job to someone else. Likewise, disabled users and technicians will still be presented in the available assignee lists when assigning a job.

  • How does disabling a user or technician impact the use of Loc8 Mobile? If a user or technician was disabled while they were offline / without reception then the mobile app will not be aware that they were disabled. As such they will still have access to any data that was downloaded onto their device. As soon as they regain connectivity they will be prevented from logging in again. Likewise, if they have been working in offline mode there may be data on their device that hasn't yet synced back to the server. As such, when you disable them their data may effectively become orphaned on their device until you re-enable their access.

  • Why can't a contractor be disabled? Contractors who access Loc8 via a portal can effectively be disabled by removing their portal access. Contractors without portal access can't log in to Loc8.

  • How are disabled users and technicians billed? From a billing perspective disabling a user or technician is the same as deleting them; No refunds or credits will be applied, however once the next billing period begins if they are still in a disabled state they will no longer be counted or billed for. If you re-enable them part way through a subsequent billing period we will simply apply a pro-rata charge to your subscription balance for the remainder of the billing period, in the same way we handle new users or technicians. Learn more.

Feature improvements and changes

  • The performance of the monthly job calendar view has been improved significantly

  • When adding tasks to a job you can now specify a task instance count which determines how many times to add a given task. For example, if you add the task 'Inspect fire extinguisher' to a site, and set the instance count to 3, you will have 3 new tasks added to the job with the description 'Inspect fire extinguisher'

  • When sending an email about a job, quote, invoice etc, you can now upload and include an attachment from your computer / local disk

  • Your company number / financial identifier is now editable in the company settings area. This could already be populated during the initial setup wizard however was otherwise not editable

  • When exporting jobs, quotes, invoices, assets etc from a workspace the export will now be emailed to you instead of being downloaded directly

Quotes and invoices have had several usability improvements

  • When inspecting a customer you can now see any quotes or invoices in the Financial tab of the inspector

  • The Issued date on an invoice can now be defined manually. Manually defined Issued dates will also sync via our Xero and QBO integrations

  • By default, invoices and quotes now include the company number / financial identifier on both web views and pdf exports

  • When viewing the job list you can now add a quote column which will show you the initiating quote ID for the job if one exists

  • When viewing the quote list you can now add a job column which will show you the ID of the job that was created from the quote if one exists

Minor changes

  • Several usability and style improvements have been implemented across the browser app, with a big focus on the usability of the settings areas

Bug fixes

  • When searching for an address the first item is no longer fails to select

  • The attachment inspector / lightbox now displays the attachment count again

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