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Modify your View of Added Tasks
Modify your View of Added Tasks

Learn how to change the way you view tasks through sorting, extending the columns to see more attributes or searching tasks using keywords

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Once the tasks are added to a job, by default they are displayed in a flat list. But by using the features of sorting, adding additional columns and searching with keywords, you have the option to organise the task list in a way to get your work done faster.

1 Sorting the Tasks

By applying the sorting option, you can organise the seemingly unrelated tasks into groups as per their task type, task status or the assets on which the tasks will be performed, as shown in the examples below.

An example of sorting the Tasks by Asset is shown below:

An example of sorting the Tasks by Task Type is shown below:

NOTE: The Task Types are displayed as the codes assigned to the task. If you want to update the code, go to Settings -> Task Library > Task tab and open the required task. 

2 Expand or reduce your view by selecting the required columns for task attributes

Besides the default columns displayed for each task, you have the option to choose which other attributes must be displayed as columns to help you look up the information you're after against each task.

3 Search specific tasks using keywords

With dynamic search, you can instantly view only those tasks that contain the entered keywords and this can be done in combination to the sorting option discussed before. 

NOTE: Make sure that the column containing the keyword is already displayed in the current view. For example, if you would like to find all the tasks updated by person in your team, then you must select the Updated by column as discussed in the previous section and then search.


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