Release Notes - 26 February 2020

Read the list of new features, improvements and issues resolved in this release

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New features

Enter addresses manually throughout Loc8

  • You have always been able to search for an address when entering a location, however if a valid match wasn't found, it then wasn't possible to add the full address

  • You can now search first, and then if a valid match isn't found proceed to add the address manually 

Feature improvements and changes

  • Field type indicators (such as number, text, url etc) have been added to make it easier to know what type of value to enter into a field when editing throughout Loc8

  • Several workspace filters now support None and Me options, including Creator, Alternate contact and contact type custom fields

  • You can now define default cost rates for time and travel logs recorded during holidays

Minor changes

  • Load times have been improved (reduced) across many areas of the app

  • Completing tasks should be significantly quicker

  • Many minor style improvements have been made across the app

  • Asset State, Reference, Updated date and Weblink values are now all available when defining asset message templates

  • Admin users can now delete quick views

Bug fixes

  • Loading tasks from the library is now consistent and doesn't require backspacing when searching

  • Duplicate tasks are no longer recorded when scrolling the task tab

  • Saving tasks when there are active automation rules no longer fails

  • Empty preventative maintenance plan schedules no longer generate jobs

  • Automated emails now populate when triggered via a task driven automation rule

  • Appointment PDF / template exports no longer fail to generate

  • Selecting a large number of job statuses when using Advanced Exports no longer throws an error

  • Changes to the Reference field are now correctly recorded against customer changes

  • All contacts are correctly shown when viewing a customer

  • Navigating to the job inspector from preventative schedules now opens the HTML view instead of the legacy Adobe Flash view

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