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Activate Integration between Loc8 and an External App
Activate Integration between Loc8 and an External App

Learn how to authorise data exchange between Loc8 and a supported external app to establish integration for extended functionality

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All of the supported external apps that you can integrate with are available in the Integrations area. All you have to do is look them up from a list of apps and enable the integration by proceeding with the authorisation and configuration steps.

NOTE: You will see only those external apps that are available in your current Loc8 plan. If you are interested in integrating with any specific app, please contact the Loc8 Support team.

Accessing the External Apps from the Integrations area

From the left panel menu, select Settings and choose Integrations.

The first time you visit Integrations, the area will be empty as no apps have been added yet.

With the +Add a new app button, you can browse through the list of apps and look up the specific app you want to integrate with.

See the next section below to learn how to activate the integration.

Activating the integration

To activate Loc8 with any external app, these are the main steps you will follow to establish a successful integration:

  1. Look up and select the app

  2. Authorise data exchange between Loc8 and the external app to initiate reliable data flow and synchronisation

  3. Define how you would like to synchronise data from Loc8 to the app and vice versa. This step will have different set of configurations for every app.

  4. Save the configurations

Once these steps are completed, you will notice that the desired collection of data configured to be synced between the two systems now appear seamlessly, whether you are in Loc8 or in the external app. The collection of data can be the Chart of Accounts, inventory library, customer contacts and so on if you are integrating with an accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB etc.

Also, the actions performed in either Loc8 or the external app will automatically update their content to reflect the same up-to-date record of items. For example, the Invoice status will change Paid in your Loc8 system as soon as you have received the payment through the integrated accounting software.

Although the configurations will vary for each app, you will find that the activation process takes you through the four main steps as mentioned above.

Here is an example of how the Admin of a sample company ABC Services would integrate Loc8 and Xero app.
โ€‹STEP 1 Add Xero in the Integrations area.

STEP 2 Authorise/allow the app and Loc8 to access each other's data from your user accounts.

STEP 3 Select the configuration that will determine how data will synchronise between Loc8 and the external app when the integration is active.

In case of Loc8 and Xero, selecting the configurations indicate that the following actions will take place once the integration is enabled with Xero:

  • the line items will get updated in both Loc8 and Xero every time the integration performs a periodic sync

  • if you have already added tax types in Loc8, their tax rates will be overridden by the values set up in Xero

  • once integration is active, all the existing customers in Xero will be available in Loc8. From there onwards, any new customers created in Xero will periodically sync with each other

As soon as you SAVE the configurations, the integration between Loc8 and the app will turn on, as indicated below:

This completes the steps to establish integration between Loc8 and an external app.

From here onwards, see how your data syncs up between Loc8 and the integrated app.

To know more, see the articles on the available integrations between Loc8 and the external app under the Integrations collection.

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