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Integrating Loc8 with External Apps
Import Reports from Loc8 to Google Sheets using the Loc8 Sheets Add-on
Import Reports from Loc8 to Google Sheets using the Loc8 Sheets Add-on

Learn how to import data/reports from Loc8 onto a Google spreadsheet for extensive range of data analysis using the Google Sheets functions

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Using the Loc8 Sheets add-on, you are able to establish integration between your Loc8 account and Google account to pull out specific data on quotes, jobs, invoices, and workforce from your Loc8 system and produce them on to your Google Sheets.

This facilitates you to leverage the extensive functions that come with Google Sheets to edit, organise, and analyse the imported information and collaborate with your team in real-time and obtain more granular insights about your business.

In this article we will see how to:

Accessing the Loc8 Sheets add-on from G Suite Marketplace

Like any other add-on to the standard Google apps, you will find the Loc8 Sheets in the G Suite Marketplace (also called Google Workspace Marketplace). All you need to do is look it up and install for it to appear on your Google Sheets.

Installing the Loc8 Sheets add-on

The Loc8 Sheets add-on is installed against your Google account so that when you access the Google Sheets you will automatically find access to the Loc8 Sheets add-on ready to use.

The installation process is fairly simple - just follow the instructions on the screen.

With the following screen, the installation is complete.

Now you will find the Loc8 Sheets add-on on any of the spreadsheets you open using the Google Sheets app.

Launching the Google Sheets app

STEP 1 In your Google account, look up Sheets in the apps catalog of the G Suite Marketplace.

STEP 2 Open a blank spreadsheet for example to see how you will import data/reports from your Loc8 system into this spreadsheet.

With the Loc8 Sheets add-on installed, you will find it as a new menu item under Add-ons. This is shown in the section below.

Preparing to import for the first time

STEP 1 Just to ensure that you import the intended data/report, you can double-check the name in the Export area corresponding to the required Loc8 entity i.e. quotes, jobs, invoices, and workforce.

In this example, we will import a custom job report as shown below:

If you would like to know how a report is generated in Loc8, please see Export Custom Data for Analysis.

STEP 2 From the main menu of the spreadsheet, go to Add-ons.

You will find that Loc8 Sheets is now available in the menu.

When importing for the first time

To proceed with importing data to the spreadsheet for the first time, you will be taken to the Loc8 login screen where you must enter the credentials of the Loc8 account you wish to connect with the Google Sheets and then authorise the exchange of information between the two apps.

In your Loc8 account, you will find the Loc8 Sheets add-on has been added and marked as Active under Admin settings -> INTEGRATIONS as a result of the successful integration.

Importing data/report to the spreadsheet

STEP 1 In the import wizard, specify the entity type under which the exported data/report exists in Loc8 and enter the name of the report.

If you're not sure about the name, you can leave it blank and just click Find.

STEP 2 Based on these details, Loc8 Sheets retrieves the required report or a list of report if the name has not been mentioned from the Loc8 system. It then renders the content of the selected report on to the spreadsheet.

You will see a confirmation message as shown below:

The example data/report is now imported in the spreadsheet as shown below:

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