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How to Edit an Entry in a Workspace
How to Edit an Entry in a Workspace

Learn how to edit a team member's details in their user profile

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At some point in your day-to-day run of business, you’ll need to edit an entry in a particular workspace. Whether you’re creating a new project or making a major change, being able to edit an existing entry is vital in staying productive.

Before You Start

Make sure you’ve gathered the information you need before attempting to edit an entry in a workspace. You should have all the necessary details. If there’s an image associated with the entry, you will need that as well.

Steps to Edit an Entry in a Workspace

Go to the workspace and open the record you wish to update so that anyone looking for a relevant information gets the latest data.

Let's take an example of the Workforce space, the same applies to all other workspaces and the fields on their inspectors.

You can make quick edits right from the inspector:

Or, update other details by expanding the profile:

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