Release Notes - 28th May 2019

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New Features

  • Date based automation triggers have been added to jobs, including minute and hour trigger offsets, which allows for automation rules such as Send a notification 5 minutes after a job has been created

Feature Improvements

  • Date based automation triggers for assets have been expanded to support minute and hour trigger offsets, along with a simplified field UI

  • Quotes can now be exported from the quotes workspace

  • Quote types are now displayed when creating a quote

  • Quotes can now be bulk deleted

  • Quoted date and time is now included on the web view

  • Expired quotes no longer display customer actions (Approve, Decline etc) on the web view

  • Emails received in the Loc8 inbox can now be converted directly into a quote (replicating existing behaviour of converting emails into jobs)

Usability Improvements

  • Inspectors now remember the open / close state of each section so that you don't have to toggle them over and over every time you open a new job, asset, quote etc to find what you're looking for

  • Saving a job, quote or asset location as a site now pre-fills the address on the site wizard

  • Advanced exports now includes the Excel (xlsx) export format alongside csv and pdf. This simplifies the handling of date/time columns as Excel handles the exported format natively

  • Image attachments are now scaled down to fit the viewport when being viewed so as to avoid having to download the attachment to see the full image

  • Tooltips now display when hovering over long names / values in all filters, inspector and wizard fields across most browsers

Minor Improvements and Noteworthy Items

  • Deleting a customer now displays a warning

  • Nested regions are now hierarchically ordered in exports and in the UI, providing a more consistent and readable structure

  • Regions that have been manually associated to a site are now propagated to assets when those assets are moved into the hierarchy

  • Regions that have been manually associated to a site are now included when applying region filters

  • Jobs using a non-site location such as a basic address or GPS coordinates are now supported in the job map mode

  • (Contractor portal) Contractors can now schedule appointments

Bug Fixes

  • Quoted charge values now display the correct currency in pdf exports

  • Customer portals are now configurable in Pro plus as advertised (via Prism mode)

  • The invoice reference field is no longer wiped when using the QBO integration

  • Editing user addresses no longer throws an error

  • Editing user email addresses now saves correctly

  • Adding attachments no longer fails on sites and projects

  • Message templates now correctly expose job start by and due by dates

  • The job 'Assignee' column does not automatically rename itself to 'Technician' when other columns are added or removed

  • The correct error is now displayed when editing an asset reference field when the unique reference value requirement has been enabled

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