Set Job Priority

Learn how to assign priority levels to jobs to direct your workforce towards completing jobs in order of urgency

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For every job that you create, you'll have an idea about where the job fits in the priority list. By default, a new job is created with a Normal priority. The other two default levels are High and Urgent. You can have your own set of job priority levels and define SLAs for them. For more information, read Configure Job Priorities and SLAs.
As a job gains more importance over the rest, you can change the priority levels, and enable your team at field to see which job is urgent and therefore, needs to be addressed first. Besides, when you set the priority level, you actually trigger the SLAs and warnings defined and enabled under Settings -> Job Configuration -> Priorities tab, and as a result, the Start by and Due by dates, get automatically filled according to the SLAs, which further informs your team about the expected time frame.
If the SLAs are disabled, set the priority level and manually select the Start by and Due by dates from the calendar.

STEP 1 Select the required job in either List or Map view. 

This opens the jobs inspector where you will find the latest job details, including the urgency of the job.

Expand Urgency.

Select one of the priorities. The default priorities are Normal, High and Urgent. If you would like to create your own set of priorities, you can do so in Settings -> Job Configuration and follow the steps in Configure Job Priorities and SLAs.

Set the priority, and if SLAs are disabled for that priority, you'll have to manually select the start and end dates (displayed in Start by and Due by) to define the timeframe.

Once this is done, the person assigned to this job can sort jobs based on priority and also see the Due by date right on the job card when they browse their schedule on their Loc8 Mobile app.

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