Release Notes - 4th April 2019

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New Features

The quotes workspace has been entirely rebuilt in HTML with an all-new interface to bring it inline with the look and feel of the job and asset workspaces. Beyond the new interface there are also a host of other improvements to make quoting easier and more enjoyable, including the ability to

  • Quickly convert a quote to a job, optionally copying over tasks, description, and the quote value as the job approval limit

  • Choose who you email the quote to for approval, along with the ability to compose the email in full rather than depending on a pre-defined template

  • Cross-reference the quote value against a job, with easy links back and forth

  • Optionally refine a quote, even after it has been sent

  • Please note: All of the underlying quoting logic is largely unchanged, so all of your existing quotes will be unaffected, with minimal impact to your business processes

  • Please note: The new quote workspace is only available in our paid plans. Contact us if you'd like more information.

Our incredibly popular report-a-problem feature has been extended significantly to support a host of new features including the ability to

  • Report and view problems directly against assets and sites, along with photos, detailed descriptions, location information and more

  • Report problems of different types to help categorise and track what problems are occurring most often

  • Filter your assets and sites in list and map views to easily identify those with open problems

  • Create 'resolution jobs' against individual problems, allowing you to easily action and resolve problems by completing or closing the job

  • Please note that the current version of our mobile app (1.4.1) does not yet take advantage of the new problem functionality. You'll see this introduced in the next version.

Feature Improvements

  • Preventative maintenance schedules can now generate jobs up to 2 years in advance of their scheduled date to assist with planning and budgeting

Usability Improvements

  • The email, default rates and company settings areas have all been rebuilt in HTML

  • The charges section of the job inspector has been restyled to make it easier to read

Minor Improvements and Noteworthy Items

  • Uploaded images are now downsized to a max of 2048px to improve system responsiveness

  • XLSM attachments are now supported across the board

Bug Fixes

  • The import manager has been removed from Lite as it only supported assets, which is not available in Lite

  • Notification emails are no longer sent to anyone in your workforce who has been deleted

  • Enabling the customer portal no longer throws an error

  • The job type 'Problem' has been removed from the user-selectable job types

  • 'Total cost' and 'Total charge' columns now export correctly from the jobs workspace

  • Incorrect assignee counts in the jobs workspace should no longer be an issue

  • Regions are now alphabetically ordered in the job and asset inspector location paths

  • Updating an asset location now correctly updates the regions of it's nested assets

  • New assets now correctly inherit their regions from their parent site

  • The asset importer no longer throws errors when the 'Critical infrastructure' and 'Statutory maintenance' fields are not populated

  • The customer importer now shows warnings correctly

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