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Create a Follow-On Job
Create a Follow-On Job

Learn how to follow up with a new job when the main job that is closed or completed needs additional works for the customer

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At times, you may need to create a follow-on job for a task that is similar to an existing job.

Benefits to creating follow-on jobs

A follow-on job is an effective way to keep track on the continued work of an otherwise completed or closed job.

Since the follow-on jobs bear the same ID as the original job, but appended with a serial number, you can search for all the related jobs with just the Job ID.

To create a follow-on job, follow these steps below:

STEP 1 From the main menu bar on the left panel, select the Jobs and Projects icon.

In the Jobs workspace, select the job for which a follow-on job needs to be created.

STEP 2 On the job inspector, click . . . for more options.

From the list of options, select Create follow-on job.

In the next step, specify the type of follow-on job you would like to create from the list of job types available in your Loc8 system.

STEP 3 As mentioned in the confirmation dialog box, the new follow-on job will reflect all of the details from the main job except the dynamic details such as the work logs, charges and history which is very relevant to the actual works being undertaken in real-time at the site.

At this stage, you can also direct if you want the same set of people who had worked on the main job to be assigned to the follow-on job.


The new follow-on job is created and available in the Jobs workspace.

In the job inspector, you will find all the details of the main job already entered in their corresponding fields.

STEP 4 (Optional ) Moving incomplete tasks from the main job to the follow-on job

At times you may have a few incomplete tasks in a job. With the Move option available on such tasks, you can choose to make the incomplete tasks available on the follow-on job.

To do so, open the main job and go to the Tasks tab. On the incomplete task, select the more options icon and choose Move.

In the next step, lookup for the follow-on task using the name or Job ID.

Confirm that you want to move the task.

Now when you open the follow-on job, you will find the incomplete task has been added in the Tasks tab.

STEP 5 All you need to do next, is select Schedule and set the appointment.

Keep in mind that if you haven't selected the Assign to same people option in the confirmation dialog box when creating the follow-on job as previously discussed above, you will need to assign this job to the new set of people.

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