View all assets and sites

Go to the Assets page.

Choose your preferred view of assets, either in a list or on a map.

View assets and sites in a List

This is the default view when you visit the Assets tab. All assets created for your customers will be displayed as shown below:

If you prefer to browse through assets based on specific attributes other than the ones displayed on default column headers, you can add or remove those attributes accordingly.

View assets and sites on a Map

You can switch to Map view for a visual overview of asset distribution across a region.

The Map view also makes it easy for you to inspect all assets associated with a particular site at one go.

Clicking the asset cluster presents you with individual asset cards showing their current status. You may change their status all at once through Bulk action or click an asset card to change status as well as other attributes one at a time.

Filter assets and sites

Apply the Status, Type or Customer filters to narrow down the asset view.

The filters now display only the selected criteria as shown below.

If you want to clear a filter, click x.

Go back to Manage Assets and Sites.

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