With access to your customer portal, you will enjoy a real-time, personalised overview of the actions taken on your jobs, assets or sites.
You can browse through a list of jobs, and/or assets and sites, as requested to shape your portal to look like. If you're viewing the assets, you may also have the provision to report a problem on any of the assets that need works to be done.

Activating your Loc8 account to access portal

STEP 1 As a part of enabling the portal access, open the activation email which you would have received and create your login credentials.

If you are not sure about which email address was used, get in touch with one of the staff from the service company and they can help you with the email address. 

Fill in your name and password and activate your account.

Logging into your Loc8 Account and Viewing your Jobs/Assets/Sites

STEP 2 Login to your account using the credentials created above.

You can now view and filter through the list of jobs and assets/sites, or only jobs and only assets/sites, as defined by the access permissions given to this particular user account.

Viewing jobs

Get an overview of jobs.

Narrow down your view using the Status and Last Updated filters. 

For example, you can view jobs for which the technicians are driving to site by selecting En Route in the Status filter as shown below:

Viewing assets and sites

Get an overview of any of the assets and sites.

Narrow down your view using the filters Class, Status, Last Updated, Site and Parent Asset

For example, you can derive a list of all assets at a site using the Site filter as shown below: 

In case, you have the permission to directly report a problem for asset/site, you'll be able to do that from the asset/site inspector. 

On each asset/site you can view the maintenance history and attachments. 

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