Give your customers the transparency they expect around their jobs and/or assets through a login portal exclusively created for them to browse through. Besides you can also provide them with the facility to report problems on the asset/site, upon which a new job is automatically created through their customer portal account.

Accessing the customer portal option

STEP 1 Go to the customer profile and open its inspector. You'll find a quick access button right on the customer profile.

It's important that you check if the customer's email address is filled out and it is a valid one. Once you enable the portal access, an activation email will be sent out to the customer and from then on, that email address will be their username to log into their personalised Loc8 account.

Next, open the option to enable the customer portal.

Enabling the customer portal access

STEP 2 When enabling the portal access, configure the areas the customer needs to view. This could be totally based on the customers requirement, that is they might want to see only jobs or only assets or both, and may also want to independently report issues on their problem assets.

With that you have provided the customer with their own portal. The process is only complete when the customer receives the activation email and actions it. This intermittent stage is indicated as below:

From here onwards, you can read more about what happens at the customer side in the article View Jobs and/or Assets through Personalised Portal.

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