Delete Jobs

Learn how to delete one or more jobs from your Loc8 system

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Keep your Loc8 system uncluttered by deleting jobs that are no longer in use or for which works have been already completed as a part of another job. 

However, on deleting a job, you will:

  • lose the Job ID number. The Job ID is unique to each job created and therefore cannot be retrieved or reassigned to a new job, where the new job takes up the next latest Job ID.

  • lose any field log or history recorded on the job will be lost.o delete a job, select the job in either List view or Map view.

Deleting a job

STEP 1 Go to the Jobs workspace and select the required job in either List or Map view.

This opens the job inspector where you will find the latest job details, and the option to delete the job.

Deleting multiple jobs

With bulk deletion of jobs, you can select large number of jobs and delete them all at once.

TIP: For large number of jobs, press down the Shift key on your keyboard, and select the first row, then press the Shift key and select the last row of the slab of jobs to be deleted.

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