Save Location as a Site

Learn how to record a location in Loc8 and use it as a customer site from then on, and include in maintenance, reporting and budgeting

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A job contains specifics of where your team will perform the upcoming work, and this information could be provided in either geographical coordinates, free flowing texts referring to a local spot, or a valid physical address which you may save as a site in Loc8.
You will convert a location into Site if you:

  • want to gain analytics about the geographical areas your business is active in

  • set up hierarchical relationship between sites and assets for better asset management

  • consolidate data through reports for better workforce and resource management

  • define budget per region for a financial year and see the actual numbers for costs and expenses to determine the next steps on sites and assets under that particular region

  • carry out site inspections, audits or repair works, as part of maintenance plan in addition to maintaining a contact list of people associated with the site

STEP 1 Go to the Jobs workspace and select the required job in either List or Map view.

This opens the job inspector where you will find the latest job details, including the Location of the job.

STEP 2 If the required location is identified to be important to the customer's assets, then save it as a site.

A location is displayed on a job based on how it was added during job creation, such that it may display a geo location or have references to the actual address. For each of them, you can create a new site or save the location as a site.

Save the location as a site when:

  • No location has been specified on the job

  • A free text is added during job creation to refer to some local spot where the work will be executed, the reference location gets added as a Note.

  • A valid address has been added as a location

  • Geographical coordinates are specified as the location

For more information, see Create a site.

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