Change Job Type

Learn how to move the job under the right job type in case the nature of job changes

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The job types help to categorise the nature of works and make it easier to search jobs using the Type filter. 

The default job types are: Work Order, Inspection and Audit (to know more about them, please read Introduction to Jobs).
Besides the three job types, you can create your own job types to better align with    the terminologies used in your business/industry.

Changing job type one at a time

Select the required job in either List or Map view. 

This opens the job inspector where you will find the latest job details, including the current job type right below the job subject.

The job types presented to you are the default set provided by Loc8. You may configure your own job types based on the terminologies of your business, and see them appear here for selection. For more information, please read Configure Job Types.

The job type is now changed but please keep in mind that the Job ID remains as is, with no change to its prefix. For example, if WO-000075 is changed from Work Order to Inspection, the Job ID will remain WO-000075, and not change to INS-00000x.

Changing job type for multiple jobs at a time

For large number of jobs, you can change the job type in bulk. Just select any number of jobs of any type and change to a specific job type. 

Once you've done that, the job types will be changed, which you can view by sorting them according to their job type.

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