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Assign or Reassign Workforce to a Job
Assign or Reassign Workforce to a Job

Learn how to select one or more member of your workforce to complete a job

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It’s easy to assign or reassign a workforce to a job. Here’s how:

Assigning a Job

Once you've got the job details ready, the next thing is to determine who can best do the job. Assign the job to the appropriate people, or in subsequent cases reassign the job to an alternative person available for the job.

STEP 1 From the main menu bar on the left panel, select the Jobs and Projects icon.

In the Jobs workspace, select the job to be assigned to people in your workforce.

STEP 2 From the job inspector, assign the appropriate people for the job.

By default, you will be presented with a filtered list of workforce based on the location of the job and trade requirements demanded by the tasks in the job -- the two criteria matched against the trade skills and region preferences of your workforce.

To set up or update the Region and Trade settings, please see Configure regions and apply to jobs and Configure trades and apply to jobs.

In the example above, only two members of your workforce fit the current job criteria. You may remove this filter by clicking Ignore assignee requirements, which will expand the list to show all of your workforce without any restrictions.

To cancel all the selections you've made, click RESET.
In case you cannot find the intended people, they are probably not added to Loc8 yet. You can add them simultaneously by opening the Workforce area in a new browser tab and invite them as mentioned in Invite your workforce.

Reassigning a Job

Reassigning requires you to perform the same actions discussed above, only this time you will have to deselect the current assigned person and select new one(s).

Having trouble assigning or reassigning a workforce to a job? Contact our customer service team for help.

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