Change Job Status

Learn how to manually change job status to closely reflect its stage in the job lifecycle

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As your workforce logs their hours through the Loc8 mobile app, jobs are intuitively changed from Open to Completed, however, it is possible for you to manually update the job status alongside too, and as you do so, you can record the change in status with an additional comment for future records.

Based on the status changes, notifications are sent out to the expected recipients, according to the rules you've set up in Automation and Notifications in the Settings page, in form of email and in-app messages posted in the Notifications tab.

Changing job status one at a time

Select the required job in either List or Map view. 

This opens the jobs inspector where you will find the latest job details, including the current status of the job.

The job statuses presented to you are the default set of statuses provided by Loc8. You may configure your own set of job lifecycle, and see them appear here for selection. For more information, please read Configure Job Statuses.

Select the job status that reflects the actual position of the job in its lifecycle, and as you change, you can provide a comment to keep a record of the manual change for future references.

Changing status for multiple jobs at a time 

For large number of jobs, you can use the bulk status change that'll make your task faster. Just ensure that the jobs that you select in bulk have the same status, so you can view a consistent set of statuses you can change to.

When you proceed to changing statuses for those jobs, you will be presented with the next likely statuses that are common to all of the selected jobs.

Viewing the added comment on status change

You will find all the comments added against any change made to the job under the Messages tab within the job inspector.

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