1. The customer site where the job needs to be completed has been added in Loc8
  2. The technicians who would complete the job are added in Loc8
  3. The assets that need servicing are already added in Loc8
  4. You have a list of tasks that must be performed on the assets at the customer site

STEP 1 Go to the Jobs List page.

STEP 2 Open the Job Creation wizard.

STEP 3 Fill in the Customer information.

Once you've done that, the associated customer details will automatically fill up.

STEP 4 Enter the Work Order Subject.

You may also provide additional Description to assist the technicians in completing the job.

STEP 5 Add tasks on-the-fly OR select the tasks that were already created in Loc8 for the assets in need of service.

STEP 6 Schedule an appointment.

STEP 7 Assign the Technicians.

STEP 8 Lastly, go ahead and finalise the Job. 

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