1. Name of the customer who owns the new site
  2. A name for the new site, one that can easily identify it

STEP 1 Go to the Assets page to add a customer site.

STEP 2 Open the Site Creation wizard.

STEP 3 Record the name and address for the new site.

STEP 4 Associate the new site with the customer who owns it.

If the customer is not added on Loc8, you can directly add it from here.

In the following New customer creation screen, just add the customer's name, phone number and email address, and click Create.

STEP 5 Lastly, go ahead and create the new site.

After you've added the new site, you'll find the site under the customer name in the Assets tab as shown below:

You can add all other sites the same way.

TIP: If a new site is a spot located within another site, which has been already added in Loc8, you may create a hierarchy to match the actual layout of sites. Just follow the same steps as discussed above, only this time you would select the already added site, such that your new site sits right under it.

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