You have a list of physical objects on site, which can be grouped into different categories of assets.

STEP 1 Go to the Settings page.

STEP 2 Open the Asset Types manager.

STEP 3 Go into the Asset Class creation page.

STEP 4 Create a new Asset Type.

If the new Asset Type has a sub-component on site, you can create another Asset Type (which would be the child Asset Type) under it to form a hierarchy as discussed further on in this article.

STEP 5 Create a child Asset Type. 

STEP 6 Give a name for the child asset type that is easily recognisable and coherent with the type of physical sub-components it represents on site.

Once you have created different asset types for all of the assets your company is maintaining for the customers, you can associate the data groups and parameters with the asset types. This has been discussed in article Add Asset Data Group to Asset Type.

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