This article discusses some of the common activities when viewing jobs in a List:

Viewing jobs in a List is useful when you want to sort your jobs in some order based on the job parameters such as customers, appointment date, priority, sites etc., and further narrow down your view using filters.

Switch from the Timeline view to List view

Just in case you're currently in the Timeline view, switch to the List view as shown below:

On Apple iOS

On Android

View all your jobs in List

The jobs in the List view will however be displayed according to the sorting criteria and the filter options set in the Sort & Filter area. You can access the option as discussed further on in this article.

Sort & Filter your jobs in List 

Using sort & filter you can tailor your list view to display a narrowed down view as well as arrange your jobs to best suit your day-to-day requirements.

Sort your jobs

By default, Loc8 sorts your jobs by My Jobs, displaying all of your jobs by their latest stage such as new jobs, accepted jobs, active jobs and finished jobs.

By selecting one of the job parameters such as My jobs, Appointment date, Start by date and so on.
For example, you can sort jobs by their Due By date to help you follow up with jobs nearing their deadline.

Once you have set the sorting criteria, go back to the Sort & Filter screen. 

Filter your jobs

In the Sort & Filter screen, you can apply one or more filters to view jobs with only those selected filter values.

Apart from the Include filters discussed above, the List view also considers the preferences set on the Exclude filters which allow you to hide jobs on hold, completed, closed and cancelled from view in both the List view and Timeline view.

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