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This article discusses some of the common activities when managing your workforce:

To learn more about the different types of users, read Introduction to Workforce.

Managing your workforce in Loc8 may include day-to-day operational tasks such as ensuring your technicians are on track with their jobs and appointments through to more administrative tasks such as ensuring the workforce list is up-to-date by adding new staff or collaborators, deleting those who have exited, updating their user groups when required and changing their profile details.


Ensure that the staff and collaborators have been added in Loc8, as mentioned in the articles Invite Staff to Loc8 and Add Collaborators to Loc8.

View all users in your Workforce

Go to the Workforce page.

By default, all users will be displayed as shown below :

If you prefer to browse through users based on specific attributes other than the ones displayed on the default column headers, you can add or remove those attributes to suit your preference.

Filter Users

Apply the Type filter to narrow down the types of users you are viewing.

The Type filter displays only the selected user type as shown below. If you want to go back to viewing all the users again, just clear the filter.

Perform quick actions on a user

Select a user to view user profile and make changes if required.

You can edit the user details, delete the user, and perform the following actions directly from the inspector as explained in the sections below.

Reset password or resend the activation email

If a user is unable to find their Loc8 invitation email or has forgotten their account password, you can assist them using the additional actions on the user inspector.

View and create jobs for a user

If the user is a technician (which includes manager and collaborator), they can be assigned to jobs. Easily access the list of jobs assigned to the selected technician and create new jobs right from the full inspector.

Export Users

With just a click, you can pull out all the jobs created till date and transfer them to a document, in PDF, CSV or Excel format.

Delete a user

You can easily delete a user if they are no longer active.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that if you delete a user, they will be removed from any upcoming jobs and appointments. However, any field logs or history recorded against existing jobs and appointments will stay intact.

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