Are you looking for a light-weight, intuitive and reliable field service management solution that gives you tools to help you run your business more efficiently? If so, you've reached the right place!

Loc8 Lite is a web-based application that assists you in creating and assigning jobs to your team through easy-to-use features and dedicated mobile app. Its simple workflows can save you time, optimise costs and improve customer satisfaction.
The best part is, it requires no installation at all and works on any device that comes with a web browser like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The application automatically updates with new features and enhancements with no disruption to your account setup.

Dive into the chart below and see how Loc8 Lite aligns to your day-to-day activities from start to end:

Sign up and explore the purpose-built features that eliminate traditional processes of using spreadsheets, phone calls or emails for organising field work and managing technicians, and instead focus on providing better service to your growing customer base.

What's more -- Loc8 Lite comes to you for free!

Are you interested in Asset Management, Trade and Region Management, viewing estimated profits, Integration with popular accounting solutions or any other field service feature in particular? 

Loc8 offers full-scale field service management products under different solutions that are cut out to suit different business sizes and needs. Feel free to contact our friendly support team or request a demo at any time. 

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