1. A valid customer email address to which the quote will be sent.
  2. The customer site where the asset is physically located and for which the charges to complete the tasks will detailed out in the quote.
  3. Any additional inventory or labour charges that may be specified in the estimated quote.
  4. Applicable task templates have been created in Loc8. If not, you can also add one-off task templates on the fly. This has been discussed below.
  5. Applicable assets or customer sites have been added in Loc8.

STEP 1 Go to the Quotes area.

STEP 2 Open the Quote creation wizard.

 STEP 3 Fill in the customer name and customer site.

STEP 4 Based on the type of services requested by the customer, specify the charge types that will apply for complete the work.

STEP 5 Add line items for labour (both on-site and travel) and inventory where you can specify the quantity, unit cost and unit charge per item.

STEP 6 Add appropriate task templates for the services requested by the customer, and pick the assets or site where the job will be completed.

STEP 7 Your quote is ready. Next, go ahead and create the quote.

STEP 8 Once the quote is created, you can send it to the customer. 

Please ensure that the email address recorded in the customer profile is valid and active.

To resend a quote, the same step will apply, i.e. just click the required quote and select Send Quote from the dropdown.

The quote will be sent in an email containing a web link to the live html file, which can can be printed or saved as a PDF.

STEP 9 If the quote gets accepted by your customer, change the status to Approved

When approved, a corresponding job is automatically created, which you will find in the Jobs area.

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