The next thing after job creation is to manage jobs and see it progress towards completion. With your assigned workforce logging the on-site time, travel time and task completion, and also recording expenses or inventory through their Loc8 Mobile app, you are able to view the updates instantly in the job, and though the assigned workforce manage their own jobs using the mobile app while on site, you may need to fill out any missing data, update existing details, change job status etc.

To learn more about the lifecycle of a job, read Introduction to Jobs. To learn more about managing jobs in field, read articles on Loc8 Mobile.

This article takes you through the activities you may use extensively when managing jobs.

Viewing and organising 


Sharing and Collaborating

  • Add comments
  • Email job
  • Share job via a live HTML web lilnk
  • Bring job to attention

NOTE: Just to ensure the job integrity is maintained once it has been created, you will not be able to

  • change the customer location
  • Change charges or choose a different charge template
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