After creating job, one of your objectives will be to ensure the job is steadily progressing towards completion. Progress is usually recorded by your workforce via logging on-site time, travel time and task completion, as well as recording any expenses or inventory that has been used through their Loc8 Mobile app. Once the work is done, the job status is changed to Completed, after which the job is ready for billing. 

As best practice, your company may encourage the assigned workforce to manage their own jobs using the mobile app while working on site, but once they have checked out from the site, you might have to look into the job to add any missing data, update existing details and change the job status. You can do so with just a click. View the job summary at a glance, move the job to the next status, update the job details and share the job with any other person through email.

To learn more about the lifecycle of a job, read Introduction to Jobs. To learn more about managing jobs in field, read articles on Loc8 Mobile.

A few items you'll need at hand to help with managing job:

  1. An understanding of the actual status of the job so you can ensure the status is set correctly and that technicians have logged their progress correctly.
  2. Any changes that should be recorded against the job, such as technician availability, appointment changes or customer details.

This article discusses some of the common activities when managing jobs:

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