1. Your Mac/PC or tablet computer must have Adobe Flash installed on it. You can download the latest version from
  2. You have the names of the desk and field staff (required only if you wish to invite them to Loc8 during on-boarding)
  3. You have the names of your customers and their primary address (required only if you wish to add them to Loc8 during on-boarding)

STEP 1 Visit and sign up with your most current email address.

STEP 2 Fill in the details required to create your account.

STEP 3 Login to your email account (the one you have provided above), and open the activation email received from Loc8 Support.

You will be taken to the Welcome screen where you can set your login password and configure your profile.

STEP 4 Set up your login password.

On boarding Steps

TIP: All the steps discussed below can also be configured later if you wish. For now, you can just fill in your company's address and continue till you reach the Loc8 Home screen. However, the advantage of configuring your company's business hours, charges, inviting your staff, and adding your customers now is that you can directly start creating jobs for the added customers and assign them to the technicians as soon as you login to Loc8.

STEP 5 Configure your company's profile, business hours and standard work charges.

STEP 6 Invite desk and field staff to Loc8, and set up notifications for them, which they would then receive in their Loc8 Mobile app as well as via email.

STEP 7 Add a few customers to Loc8 to begin with.

First option: Adding customers one at a time

Second option: Importing all your customers using CSV file

Fill in your customer details or maybe copy your company's record of customers into the downloaded template.

NOTE: Please avoid changing the top header or the format of the downloaded CSV file to ensure successful import. 

Once you've uploaded your CSV file, each entry will be validated, and the result displayed with green ticks (correctly entered) or red crosses (needs correction). If any entry has a red cross, please rectify that data in your CSV file and upload it again.

Find more example scenarios, and do's and don'ts for your CSV file explained in article Import customers.

STEP 8 Set the notifications to keep your customers updated on their requested works via emails.

With that your Loc8 account is ready! This essentially means, you are the Subscriber of your company and enjoy all the permissions in Loc8. You can learn more about users and permissions in Introduction to Workforce.

Now, click Let's Go and enjoy the smart features of your new field service assistant.

Get familiar with Loc8 Home screen in our article Find your way around Loc8.

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