This article refers to Loc8 when accessed from your web browser on a desktop or tablet computer. For details on our mobile app, please read our articles on Loc8 Mobile.

Getting around the entire application is fairly simple, however, a quick introduction to what's what on the home screen will certainly be helpful as you come across the features for the first time.

After reading this article, you'll see how easy it is to navigate around and use Loc8.

The Main Menu

On the left side of your screen, you will find a group of menu items that take you to the different workspaces you will use day-to-day, where, on each screen you can create, update and maintain all of your operational data.

Home: It is the landing screen. We will look closely at its layout in this article in just a while.

Jobs: It takes you to the screen where you can

  • Create Work Orders, Inspections and Audits 
  • View all the jobs in a list as well as on a map
  • Selectively view jobs by Status, Type, Customer, Appointment, Technician and combinations of any of these
  • Quickly inspect the key details of a job with just a click while staying on the same page, and change the required details

Workforce: It takes you to the screen where you can

  • Invite your field and office staff to Loc8 as Users, and also add contractors or other workers who are not on your payroll as Collaborators, each with different user permissions based on their primary roles in office and in field
  • View all users in a list as well as view the technicians distributed across a map
  • Selectively view users by their roles

Customers: It takes you to the screen where you can

  • Add customers who could be either an individual or a company or other business
  • View all the customers in a list as well as on a map
  • Selectively view customers by their types

Reports: It takes you to the screen where you can

  • Analyse metrics and trends of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Quotes, Jobs, Assets and Workforce
  • Drill down to granular levels and identify bottlenecks in your operations
  • Export your data to run custom reports using your own business insight solutions 

Notifications: It takes you to the inbox where you will receive automatically generated notifications from Loc8. 

Settings: It takes you to the screen where you can manage your company's profile and configure the behaviour of notifications.

Get Started
When you first use Loc8, you can follow the steps in the Get Started area on the home page. Each step takes you directly to the pages where you can carry out the necessary actions.

Click the first step, fill the required details and then return to the Home page.
Once you're back, you can proceed with the next step and so on. 

By the time you finish the last step, you will have gained a good insight into the basics of Loc8, and that's when the Get Started steps will automatically turn off. 

Jobs Shortcut
One click and you are on the job list view or the map view, whatever you choose. From there, you can create and manage your jobs.  

Workforce Shortcut
A role-based access tray lets you add new staff. On other occasions, you may directly jump to view the technicians on a map from here.

Customers Shortcut
You have the new customer's details and you know the customer type - whether an individual person or a company or business of some type. Just click the relevant customer type from the access tray and add them.
On other occasions, you may directly jump to view the customer locations on a map from here.

Bottom-Left Menu
Items that are specific only to you as the logged-in user are available here.

To all Loc8 Lite users, watch out the Home screen for exciting new features coming to you soon, for free! 

And, if you are interested in Loc8's Assets and Inventory features, click on the feature boxes to directly send an upgrade request for our Pro/Unlimited edition.

To learn more about using the Pro/Unlimited edition, read through a collection of articles in our Help Center

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