Managing your customers in Loc8 may include tasks such as keeping the customer contacts up-to-date, maintaining a list of their latest site addresses and ensuring their requests are quickly responded. 

This article discusses some of the common activities when managing your customers:

  • View all customers
  • View and add customer sites
  • View and add customer contacts
  • View and create jobs for a customer
  • Delete a customer

To learn more about the types of customers, read Introduction to Customers.

A few items you'll need at hand to help with managing your customers:

  1. Any changes that should be recorded against the customer such as appointment changes or customer details.
  2. Any new requests from the customer which must be actioned by creating jobs.

View all customers

STEP 1 Go to the Customers page.

STEP 2 Apply the Type filter to narrow down the customer types you are viewing.

Now the Type filter displays only the selected customer type as shown below. If you want to go back to viewing all the customers again, just clear the filter.

STEP 3 Select a customer to view the customer profile, and review or make changes.

You can edit the customer details, delete the customer, and perform the following actions directly from the inspector:

View and add customer sites

View the list of sites associated with the selected customer and easily change the details such as the site name, site address, and the site contact for a company customer. You can add new sites for the customer right from the Sites tab on the full inspector.

View and add customer contacts

If the selected customer is a Company, you can easily maintain an up-to-date list of their contacts right at the Contacts tab on the full inspector and use those contacts to quickly update the customer's primary contact, billing contact, alternate contact, or the site contact whenever required.

View and create jobs for a customer

Easily access the list of jobs created for the selected customer and create new jobs right from the Jobs tab on the full inspector.

Delete a customer

You can delete a customer if they are no longer active. 

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that if you delete a customer, the associated sites and company contacts specified in the existing jobs for the customer will be removed, and no longer be available. However, any field logs and history recorded against existing jobs and appointments will stay intact.

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