Increase customer satisfaction by providing them with access to view their own jobs and assets (either of them or both, as required) and give them the facility to report problem on asset/site so you automatically have a job created with their reported details.

A few items you'll need at hand to help with creating customer portal:

  • Customer who needs access
  • Areas they need access to - only jobs, only assets, or both and if they should be allowed to report problems

STEP 1 Go to the Customers area.

As a temporary step, you will have to switch to Prism mode to create customer portal. Just change the Loc8 browser URL and press Enter/return on your keyboard.

STEP 2 Open the customer profile to create and activate the portal access. 

STEP 3 Set the user credentials for your customer to allow them to log into their dedicated account.

STEP 4 Provide them with access to view their jobs or assets, or both jobs and assets along with the facility to report a problem for you to action.

With that you have created the customer portal. Now, you can share the credentials with your customer (through the Send email option on the customer profile). 

Now, you can turn off the Prism mode as shown below:

To take a look at the view your customer would have on logging into their portal, please read View Jobs and Assets through Customer Portal.

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