Having a set of custom charge templates makes it easier to select and apply the right set of charges for a job, and ensures consistency in maintaining the amounts across all works of a specific type, and works belonging to a particular customer or industry. 

To get started, Loc8 provides default charge template that pulls in the amounts specified for on-site time and travel in the Default Rates section (in Settings), in addition to the rates per tasks defined in the Task Template, and shows the charges for the materials used from your inventory as defined in your Inventory Library.

By applying your own charge templates on jobs, you can override the default rates. So, an onsite-time/hour/technician of $200 would be replaced with the $X that's specified in your custom charge template. Similarly, you can modify the charges for tasks and materials used from by a percentage that will add on to their actual charges defined the Task Template and Inventory library respectively.

Nevertheless, you will still be able to manually key in values over the charge template values in the jobs inspector as and when required.

STEP 1 Go to the Settings page.

STEP 2 Open the Charge Templates settings.

STEP 3 Prepare a new charge template specific to a customer, industry, specialised task etc.

STEP 4 Save the new charge template.

Now, when you create a new job, you will be able to select your custom charge template from the Charges section on the job inspector.

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