NOTE: Only the Subscriber (i.e. the person who signed up) or someone with User license with Admin user group can configure your company details.

Configuring your company details is a part of the on-boarding steps included when signing up with Loc8, however it is not mandatory. You can update and complete your company's profile any time and when you do so, the details will appear on the letter heads of printable quotes and invoices.

STEP 1 Go to the Settings page.

STEP 2 Open the Company settings.

STEP 3 Fill in your company name, and contact details, particularly, the email address, primary address and billing address. You can also brand the application with your company logo. The details entered here will be used in field service reports, printable quotes, invoices, automated emails and so on.

STEP 4 Specify your company's operating region, timezone and business hours. The business hours are used to set default times for job and appointment scheduling.

If the chosen Timezone is different from your local timezone, you'll find two clocks at the bottom-left corner of your screen; the first shows the local timezone and the second shows the chosen business timezone (which you may also refer to as the server timezone). The same will apply to all other users of Loc8 operating from different local timezones; they too will see the two clocks on their Home screen.

Whenever necessary, you can switch between the two timezones and that will change the timestamp indications throughout your account.

STEP 5  Enter the holidays observed by your company.

The holidays that you enter here will be the reference for the charge templates on which you can specify special charges for the works done on the mentioned holidays. An example is shown below:

STEP 6 Specify the basic financial details that will apply throughout Loc8, this includes the currency that you use for all business transactions. The same currency will be used to represent costs, charges and expenses throughout Loc8.

If you're using the Budgeting feature offered by Loc8, then the financial year must be provided here to account for the costs on asset management and job tasks within that year.

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