Keeping in mind that a well-connected workforce is the powerhouse of your organisation, all of your staff invited to Loc8 with varying levels of administrative and operational permissions, can avail constant sync-up between the two distinct  departments of your business - the Desk/Office and the On Site/Field. 

The Desk/Office staff largely accesses and manages customer data and field logs through Loc8 on browser, whereas the On Site/Field staff logs and reports their field activities through Loc8 Mobile app only. In between the two distinct departments, your Managers can perform activities from both the worlds, but again with varying degrees of permissions. On the other hand, any third-party technicians or your collaborators are restricted to only receiving automated emails sent through Loc8 on being assigned to jobs. The super-user in Loc8 is called the Subscriber.

When adding staff to Loc8, you will come across a few specific terms used across the application. Please read through the explanations below and easily familiarise yourself with those terms.

What is a User?

A user is someone you add to Loc8 with the intention of them performing a function of some sort, such as managing jobs or completing jobs. Typically, a user would be a staff or a contractor. 

In Loc8 Lite, there is no charge associated with adding a user. 

What is a User License?

Each user has a User License. The type of license determines the baseline features a user can access across both Loc8 on web browser and Loc8 Mobile app. There are four license types which are discussed under Types of User Licenses below.

What is a User Group?

Each User License can be further refined by specifying a User Group. The User Group restricts a user from certain features that are beyond the scope of what the user must have access to under its User License.

Types of User Licenses


The Subscriber is the user who has signed up and created the Loc8 account. They have access to all functions and areas of Loc8. A subscriber adds and invites the first batch of users to Loc8.


Applies to users who must have the highest level of administrative control and editing rights. Managers can be assigned to jobs as technicians and can log into Loc8 Mobile.

Permissions of a Manager


Applies to users who operate only from office; they cannot be assigned to jobs as a technician and therefore use only the web browser with no dependency on the Loc8 Mobile app. Their daily activities fall under medium level of administrative control and editing rights. 

Permissions of a Desk User


Applies to users who operate primarily in the field. They can be assigned to jobs as technicians, and can log into Loc8 Mobile.


Typically applies to contractors whom you need to assign job as a technician, but without providing access to Loc8. When assigned to a job, they will receive it exclusively via email. You could also set someone up as a Collaborator if you want to add them as a job owner, requestor or other contact in the system who does not require login access.

Permissions of a Field and Collaborator users

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