If you're looking for a light-weight, intuitive and reliable Field Service Management solution, we're happy to let you know that you've reached the right place!

Loc8 Lite is one of the plans offered by Loc8, designed to equip you with tools essential in running a business in the service industry with high productivity and efficiency, and it is accessible through a web-based application and its complementary Loc8 Mobile app, at no additional cost.
That's right, Loc8 Lite comes to you for free!

So, you can leave behind the traditional processes of using spreadsheets, buzzing phone calls or deluge of emails that do nothing more than take your time and focus away from your daily goals. Instead, go paperless and benefit from the smart ways of organising your calendar, contacts and work rates, respond to large number of new and repeat customers, and manage people who work with and for you.

As soon as you sign up and log into your Loc8 account, you automatically step into Loc8 Lite, where you are able to enjoy the simple yet purpose-built features that help to: 

  • get your team connected with each other and keep them in step
  • set up your company profile, work rates, costs and charges
  • create quotes and address them through automatically generated jobs besides being able to create jobs manually
  • assign jobs to your technicians via calendar and maps 

And, these are just a few functions to list down at a high-level. 

This means, you get a digital assistant with neat, fresh and easy-to-use screen interface that allows you to systematically browse through your schedule, log work hours for the jobs done through the day, and see the amount payable by your customers for all of your completed works.
And, this also means you and your team are able to get more work done in less time and thereby, optimise costs and exponentially improve team engagement and customer satisfaction.

Now, coming to installing Loc8 Lite — it requires no installation at all.
It's a web-based application that opens up in browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You sign up, and get started, in no time.
If there are any updates for new features and enhancements, the application automatically updates itself in the backend without any disruptions to your account. 

While you're on the move, you can stay connected to your Loc8 account through the Loc8 Mobile app. This app is offered to you through Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Just download it on your android or iOS device, log in with the same account details and that's it, your jobs, teams and customers are at your fingertips.

For more clarity on what functions you are able to perform on Loc8 Lite (via browser and mobile app), take a look at the workflow below:

If you wish to expand your Loc8 experience to other brilliant features such as Preventative Maintenance Planning, Invoicing, Asset Management, Trade Management of your Workforce, Region Management, Budgeting, Integration with popular solutions, Templates, Configurations and Customisations, and much more, then it's worth taking a look at Loc8 Pro and Pro Plus plans, available for a 14-day free trial to start with.
The best thing is, you can explore Pro or Pro Plus right from within your Loc8 Lite setup and scale up if you wish to. If not, you're at no loss, you can continue using Loc8 Lite as usual.

We recommend you to get in touch with our friendly support team, and put your queries forward or simply request for a demo to better understand which plan suits your business requirements the best.

Loc8 Lite, it's where your job starts.

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