1. A unique code for the new subtask
  2. The type of result data that's expected to be recorded on completing the subtask
  3. If the final result of the subtask requires the technician to choose a value from a dropdown list (Result Type: List), that list has been already created in Settings > Custom List

STEP 1 Go to the Libraries tab. This is where the subtasks will be available as templates for you to easily add them to relevant tasks.

STEP 2 Go to the Subtask Template page.

STEP 3 Open the Subtask Creation wizard.

STEP 4 Provide the subtask details.

STEP 5 Specify the type and default values of the result that must be recorded on performing the subtask.

An example of each result type is shown below:

Text Result Type

Number Result Type

List Result Type

Boolean Result Type

Date & Time Result Type 

STEP 6 Lastly, go ahead and finalise the subtask.

The new subtask is now available in the subtask template library. You can inspect and edit the subtask at any time.

Now, when you create a job, you'll see the new subtasks appear in the suggestion list. 

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