New features

Subscription level addons, lab features and solutions are now visible via the Usage and Billing settings area, as well as from the main navigation menu.

For customers on our Professional plan addons can be managed and enabled on the spot and no longer require you to contact our customer success team. Most are available with a free 7 day trial, and include

  • Asset management
  • Certifications
  • Customer portals
  • Insight dashboards
  • Planned maintenance
  • Problem management
  • Region management
  • SMS notifications
  • Trades

For customers on our Enterprise plan you'll need to reach out to our customer success team to gain access. Addons available include

  • All addons and lab features available in Professional
  • Automation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Compound assets
  • Contractor portals
  • Customer access levels / user groups
  • GIS drawing tools for assets and sites

Solutions available on our Enterprise plan include

  • 24x7 support
  • Custom domain name
  • Data sovereignty
  • Encryption at rest
  • High throughput API
  • Private apps / integrations
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • UAT environments

Feature improvements and changes

  • It is now possible to refresh Loc8 using the browser refresh action whilst retaining currently selected workspace, views, filters and so on
  • When updating an entity from the mini inspector, jobs for example, you will see the changes reflected in the main jobs list rather than being forced to refresh the workspace
  • Expanding on the contact type grouping functionality introduced in our August release, now when you edit a field, for example Alternate contact on a job, the listed contacts are now filtered to only show those relevant to the job you are editing. This means you won't see unrelated customers, or contacts for unrelated customers. If you need see all contacts however, there is an action to show all.
  • Further expanding on the contact type grouping functionality, workforce contacts now show their license type so that you can easily differentiate users, technicians and contractors, and customer contacts also show which customer they are associated to
  • The workspace view counts introduced in our September release are now more accurate when moving between workspaces
  • When managing your workspace views, you can now filter out those that are yours and those that are shared with you. In addition, for shared views, you can also see the name of the owner
  • Budget categories can now be created in the HTML asset type settings area for those with the budgeting addon enabled
  • Asset statuses can now be ordered in the HTML asset statuses settings area for those with the assets addon enabled
  • Assignees and sites can now be associated to regions in bulk from the regions settings area for those with the regions addon enabled
  • Assignees and task templates can now be associated to trades in bulk from the regions settings area for those with the trades addon enabled
  • Several usability improvements have been rolled out for tablet devices

Bug fixes

  • In some cases, locations populated via address lookups didn't populate the correct address 1 or address 2 fields. This behaviour has now been improved.
  • An occasional issue where the last person who edited a task was automatically assigned to the job appointment has been resolved
  • The maintainer field on assets and sites can now be cleared
  • The maintainer filter in the assets workspace now returns more consistent results
  • Job customer and location fields are no longer editable from the workforce jobs tab
  • An error that was thrown when navigating to the notification settings area has been resolved
  • An error that was thrown when adding the warranty column into the jobs workspace has been resolved
  • An error that was thrown when changing a customer name has been resolved
  • An error that occurred when viewing jobs that are region restricted has been resolved
  • Incorrect unread message counts on jobs and quotes should now be resolved
  • Empty follow-on jobs are now longer created when using the trade / task splitting function
  • Re-runs of exports (previously referred to as advanced exports) now correctly retain the asset type selection
  • Export templates are now correctly selected for users of the contractor portal
  • FSR exports now correctly display inventory added via the mobile app
  • Quotes shared via a public view now correctly display the asset ID
  • When a customer is deleted, the associated contacts are now also deleted rather than remaining orphaned in the system
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