It's fairly simple to get around Loc8, but better still if you have an idea about the layout of the home screen and familiarise yourself with the interface before you start working with the application in full extent.

Loc8 via web browser or Loc8 Mobile app - which one to start with

Loc8 via web browser offers you with a complete set of features that comes in the plan you are subscribed to. You can access it on the browser from a desktop or a handheld device using the login link advised on your account activation email ( for example, for Asia Pacific users)

Loc8 Mobile app is a compact version of the browser version that is intended for mobile devices (includes laptop computer, handheld tablets, and mobile phones) whose end users majorly work on customer locations site for completing jobs.

A good way to start off is to have your staff in office join Loc8 via web browser, through which they can create users, set up financial and work data, dispatch jobs and carry out administrative activities, while your workforce go to the customer locations with the Loc8 Mobile app installed on their mobile phones so that they are never disconnected from the constant flow of incoming jobs and regular notifications or changes to their schedule. The mobile app enables them to complete their jobs in a linear workflow as well as allows them to create and update the necessary details whenever required through the app itself.

Loc8 via web browser

Your first interaction with the Loc8 application begins with the landing page called the Home, as shown below.

As you select the options from the main menu on the left hand of your screen, the corresponding workspaces come up for you to efficiently create, update, log and manage the multitude of actions you'll perform on a regular basis.

1 Workspace

The workspace is a dynamic area of the interface that changes with respect to the feature you select on the main menu.

Throughout the documentation, you will come across terms like Jobs workspace, Quotes workspace, Assets workspace etc.: they refer to this particular area on your screen containing the basic and advanced features of the entities (jobs, quotes, assets respectively) for you to proceed further and achieve completion as dictated by the task in hand.

Here is an example of a Jobs workspace of an organisation offering home installation services:

2 Home button

As the name suggests, it is a shortcut to go back to the landing page. You may also perceive the Home button as an option to brand the application with your company logo, and when you do so, the logo will reflect across all user accounts connected to your Loc8 system.

To know how to change your company logo, see [link to Configure your Business/Company/Organisation Profile]

3 Main menu

The main menu on the left hand of your screen serves as a directory to all the primary features you will be using over the course of time in-app. The panel is sleek with self-explanatory icons, and shows you their labels when you hover your cursor over them.

To learn how to work with the features you see on your main menu, see the collection of articles under Using Loc8 Browser.

4 User updates & notifications

The user updates & notifications menu on the bottom left corner of your screen focuses at keeping you informed on different levels: through global system messages that alert you about an upcoming preventative maintenance or more specific to one-to-one interactions such as an email from a customer about a work request, or simply an automated notification as a confirmation or reminder of a job. Using this menu you can also switch to a regionalised view, where the customer, quotes, jobs, invoices and assets will be filtered based on the region your user profile has been associated with on the Loc8 system.

When you receive a What's new alert, do check it out as it's an exciting list of new features and improvements rolled out in that software upgrade.

To know more about configuring notifications, see Configure Standard Notifications If you wish to know more about regions, see Create Regions and Add them to Workforce for Improved Job Assignments.

5 Personal settings

This space is all about you - click your avatar and perform account-related actions such as changing your password or logging out.

You can launch a chat through Help and talk to us from within the app. If you've got some feedback, feel free to send them to use via Share feedback.

Additionally, the clock at the bottom of the menu allows you to switch between timezones so as to customise the timestamps within your account as per the selected timezone. This is very useful in situations when your organisation follows a timezone that's different to your system timezone, as shown in the example below:

To learn about configuring timezones, see Configure your Business/Company/Organisation Profile.

Loc8 via the mobile app

The Loc8 Mobile app gives an easy view of your job appointments lined up for today and the upcoming days. You can browse through the list of appointments under different views and further refine the list using sort and filter.
When it's time to take up a job, just accept the job and the linear workflow will take you through to logging your work hours, while allowing you to upload photos, scan assets, and also create new jobs, customers or assets, as permitted under your user license and user group.

The main areas of the mobile app are discussed in details below:

1 Your schedule

The very first screen shows your schedule for the day on a calendar with a summary of the number of appointments, number of jobs to start and jobs to finish. Any jobs assigned to you will appear here in real time. It's up to you how you want to view the assigned jobs — you may choose to see them on a map, sort and filter them to fit your preferred view, or maybe create new jobs yourself.

To see more options, just swipe the screen to the right and you can access the main menu panel.

2 Main menu

The main menu lets you switch to other important areas in Loc8 Mobile such as viewing jobs in a list rather than calendar where you can sort and filter the view and create new jobs, browse through assets and scan to search them or create new assets. And, the main menu also alerts you with new notifications related to your job appointments.

3 Report a problem

To quickly address issues that you come across in field, the Report a Problem option is available to you right under the main menu, using which you can take a photo, fill in the problem that needs to be fixed and automatically initiate a resolution job.

4 Settings and your account

You can customise the app to behave the way you prefer, such as enabling automatic sign-in, logging your location during work hours, capturing data in offline mode in special cases, such as, when you're in a sensitive customer area.

For those occasions when you want to sign out from the app, the option is available under Settings.

The Settings area also allows you to do a bit of troubleshooting yourself if you face unexpected issues in the app, and that's available in the Having issues? option.

You can explore the mobile features in depth as discussed in the articles in collection Using Loc8 Mobile.

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