Accessing Integrations

Go to the Settings page and open the Integrations tab to access the integration add-ons to the financial applications and the initial configurations that are required to set up the integration.

If this is the first time you are using Integrations, you will find the area empty as no external applications have been integrated yet.

Enabling Integration

To enable integration between Loc8 and any particular application, the integration process will take you through a series of steps during which you will:

  1. add the external app in the Integrations area
  2. authorise the access and data exchange between your user accounts in Loc8 and the app in order to have a reliable data flow and synchronisation
  3. define how the relevant data must be synchronised from Loc8 to the app and vice versa using the available configurations 
  4. save the configurations

Once you have completed the steps above, the integration between Loc8 and the external app will establish successfully.

For example, let's see how this works when you want to integrate Loc8 and Xero.

STEP 1 Add Xero in the Integrations area.

STEP 2 Authorise/allow the app and Loc8 to access each other's data from your user accounts

STEP 3 Select the configuration that will determine how the invoices, tax rates and customer contacts will synchronise between Loc8 and Xero when the integration is active.

Selecting the configurations indicate that the following actions will take place once the integration is enabled with Xero:

  • the line items will get updated in both Loc8 and Xero every time the integration performs a periodic sync
  • if you have already added tax types in Loc8, their tax rates will be overridden by the values set up in Xero
  • once integration is active, all the existing customers in Xero will be available in Loc8. From there onwards, any new customers created in Xero will periodically sync with each other

Next, for each of your line items in Loc8, choose an appropriate account name from the Chart of Account maintained by Xero.
The line items will be recorded against the selected accounted from then onwards.

These configurations are very specific to Xero that has been used as an example. But, the configurations for the app you're integrating with will have a similar structure. 

As soon as you SAVE the configurations, the integration between Loc8 and the app will turn on, as indicated below:

This completes establishing the integration between Loc8 and an external app.

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