While you are able to get the most critical information through the figures and charts from the Reports section, you also have the ability to extract information that is not directly displayed through the figures and charts across the five entities i.e. Quotes, Jobs, Invoices, Assets and Workforce and query the set of records for further analysis using any third-party business analytics tools or by applying the functions and features available in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Accessing Export Option in Reports

Go to Reports from the left panel of your screen and open the tab that you want to currently export reports on.

See the highlighted section below. This is where you'll be exporting records into files and find all the previously exported files appear here.

Performing the Export

Launch the Export wizard to export your required set of records data into the commonly portable formats such as CSV, Excel and PDF.

In the Export wizard, you'll work through the three main sections to complete exporting the selected entities where the attributes become the columns and their logged values appear under them respectively.

1 Filters 

Choose the values from the dropdown list. These values will act as conditions to extract only those records in your Loc8 system that match the criteria.
An example is shown below, where the records are filtered based on the time frame they were updated and have the specified task type. 

2 Layout

What kind of data is presented in your report is defined by the attributes that you select here. Those attributes are presented as column headers in the exported file. You can choose from a list of built-in fields as well as custom fields that you may have configured for this entity.
An example is shown below.

3 Export Options

Once you have set the filter and layout, you have laid down how you want your report to look like. Now it's time to export them in a preferred format. 

In case of Jobs, if you are exporting the report in CSV or Excel format, you also have the option to obtain two additional reports along with the main report on jobs

  • a report on the tasks that are included in those jobs, which are referred to as the Task Report 
  • a report on the works logged on-site, which is referred to as the Time Log Report

The email addresses specified above will receive the exported reports.
Check the inbox and open the report (or reports if you've opted for Task Report and Time Log Report).

The reports that were generated from the example discussed in this article are shown below:

Example of Job Report on Excel

Example of Task Report on Excel

Example of Time Log Report on Excel

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