View your workforce

Go to the Workforce area. Here you can view all of the people in your company and the contractors added to your Loc8 system till date. You can choose to  add additional attributes or remove attributes in the view and also save the view for future references.

Get more data about each member on this page by selecting a list of additional attributes defined in their profile, for example their position, trade, department, last action performed etc. Select those attributes from the Additional Columns icon and see them side-by-side with default columns.

Filter your view

Apply the Type filter to narrow down the types of users you are viewing.

Sort views and set as Quickviews

If you are often using one or a combination of filters, you can set the view as quick view to easily access it the next time. A detailed explanation on how to sort your views and save as quick views is available in Smart views through Sort, Filter, and Search.

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