It's quite common for customers to get in touch with you through email for requesting works and services. You can get most out of such interactions by linking your official/work email to your dedicated Loc8 email address, and take advantage of the ability to create quotes right from the email.

To create a quote from email you will basically: 

  1. Set up your official email address (that you  use externally for customers) to redirect/forward mails to the dedicated Loc8 email address assigned to your account. This will ensure all your emails are received at one place, which is in the Notifications tab, from where you can action as required.
  2. Select a particular message and create a quote as you would usually do.

Associating an external Email Address with your Loc8 Email Address

STEP 1 Go to the Settings page.

STEP 2 Open the Email configuration page.

You will find a unique email address already assigned to you under Loc8 Email Address

You can use the Loc8 email address for correspondence and uploading photos, and see the mails appear in the Notifications tab (also referred to as the Loc8 Inbox). 

Ideally, this email address remains internal to your organisation. For external correspondence you will have your official email address, which you can specify  under Custom Address.
Loc8 automatically identifies your company email address and fills it as Custom Address, you can change it to that particular email address your customers use for sending work requests. 

To start receiving emails from your offical address into the Loc8 emails address, you will need to configure a rule in your email application (such as outlook, gmail etc.) to forward emails.
An example for setting up the forward email rule in Outlook (on Mac) is shown below:

Once you have set this up, you will start receiving a consolidated view of both internal emails (those sent on your Loc8 address) as well as those redirected from your official email address, giving you the ability to convert any relevant work requests into quotes.

Creating quote from an email

STEP 1 Go the Notifications tab.

STEP 2 Select the required email and create a quote for it.

The new quote is created with the email body intact under Description.

You can now continue to edit the quote and send it out to the customer for approval. For more information, please read Create Quote and a New Job from the Approved Quote.

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