To enable better engagement with your customers, team or any person in your business network, you can start an email conversation about a particular Quote, Job, Invoice, or Asset right from their inspector. You can also attach supporting files, which may be of any common file format, with size of up to 18MB.

Here is an example of how an email initiated from the Job inspector helps to supply further information about the estimated tasks to be performed at the new site to the concerned recipients who are linked to the job.

STEP 1 From the Jobs Workspace, select the job in discussion to open it in the job inspector.

To access the email option on the job, click the Share icon.

STEP 2 In the New Mail, fill in the mandatory fields and compose the message with the required files uploaded from your computer/local disk as attachments.

Once you send the email, the recipients will receive the email in their mailbox with your Company name and your global email address as provided under Settings -> Company -> General.

Next up, see how you can keep your customers updated about a completed job by sharing the Field Service Reports, in the article Share Job Summary and Field Service Report.

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