Prepare a job with tasks so your team in field can perform the job in parts, complete them successfully, record the results in sub-tasks, ensuring the job is successfully completed before the job is ready for customer sign-off. The tasks also take care of keeping an account of the charges payable by the customer to complete those tasks, which is in addition to the on-site hours and travel hours.

If the assigned team member finds any need to add any other task, they can do so themselves to the job from their Loc8 Mobile app. 

In this article, you will see how to:

Accessing the Task Tab

STEP 1 Go to the Jobs workspace and select the job you want to add tasks to. 

Adding a Basic Task

A basic task is a one-off task. You can fill in the task details directly in the Item, Qty, and Unit Charge columns. 

For the Unlimited Loc8 subscriptions, the asset on which this task will be performed must already exist in Loc8 so that you can select the asset in the Asset column. 

Adding Tasks from the Task Library

[Applicable if you're on the Professional or Enterprise edition]

You can access task templates when the job is to be performed at a site already added in Loc8. As a prerequisite, the assets and tasks must already exist in Loc8 so that you can simply select them right when you click Task from library, and the rest of the details will automatically fill up for you as defined in the task template.

The task (and its subtasks if any) are added as shown below:

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