This article discusses the concept of Loc8 to QuickBooks Online integration, and shows how you can enable the integration:

What the integration does
How Loc8 integrates with QuickBooks Online
Connecting Loc8 to QuickBooks Online
Setting the default Product/Service Items
Disabling Loc8 to Xero integration
Quick Tips

To learn about creating invoices in Loc8, please read Create Invoices.

What the integration does

The Loc8 to QuickBooks Online integration provides an interconnected system of field service management and financial accounting that syncs up your company's finances and makes them accessible online for you to manage them efficiently. You can create invoices in Loc8 and organise for payment in QuickBooks Online without any need for duplicating charges. It gives you opportunities to increase your cash flow with insights into profits per work order, invoice status, payments due and payments received, all through reliable data sync between Loc8 and QuickBooks Online.

How Loc8 integrates with QuickBooks Online

When you activate the integration for the first time

Your Loc8 and QuickBooks Online accounts get connected and start exchanging data, the first being the chart of accounts and the custom Product/Service items configured in QuickBooks Online get pulled into Loc8, making the Product/Service items available for invoicing and inventory management in Loc8. 

The chart of accounts is basically the listing of all the accounts you have to give you a better understanding of the financial health of your business and also help you comply with financial reporting standards. Know more about it in QuickBook Online's  Chart of Accounts: The Basics.

NOTE: At present, the integration does not pull the QuickBook Online customer contacts into Loc8. However, all Loc8 customer contacts will reflect into Quickbooks as and when you create invoices.

What happens thereafter

  • The invoices created in Loc8 are pushed into Quickbooks Online as Draft for further processing. An example is shown below. 

Invoice created in Loc8:

Sync-up in QuickBooks Online:

  • If you make any changes to those invoices in QuickBooks Online, such as, add a new line item, the same changes get reflected in Loc8. An example is shown below.

New line item added in QuickBooks Online:

Sync-up in Loc8:

NOTE: The charges are shown excluding tax in Loc8 invoices.

  • Sending out the invoice to customer through QuickBooks Online changes the status of invoice from Authorised to Submitted in Loc8. An example is shown below.

Sending invoice to customer in QuickBooks Online:

Payment status changed in Loc8:

  • When you mark the invoice as Paid in QuickBooks Online, the same status shows up in Loc8. An example is shown below.

Payment status changed in QuickBooks Online:

Sync-up in Loc8:

  • Any new customer contacts within the invoices created in Loc8 are copied into QuickBooks Online so you can send emails to those customers from either Loc8 or QuickBooks Online.

Customer contact example created in Loc8, called Gilbert Enterprises, is now available in QuickBooks Online:

  • While creating an invoice in Loc8, you can choose from a list of Product/Service items per line item. If your company adds new Product/Service items for chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online, the updated list of items is pulled into Loc8 so you always see the latest items. An example is shown below.

New account code added in QuickBooks Online:

Sync-up in Loc8:

Connecting Loc8 to Quickbooks Online

STEP 1 Go to Settings and click Open settings in Integrations.

In the next page, you’ll see the option to connect to QuickBooks Online.

STEP 2 Under Official Integrations section, click Activate on QuickBooks Online integration.

You will be taken to QuickBooks login page.

NOTE: Loc8 integrates with only one accounting software at a time to ensure reliable data sync. This implies if your Loc8 account is already connected to another accounting software, activating QuickBooks Online integration will disable that connection.

STEP 3 In QuickBooks login page, enter your email address and password. If you do not have an account, just sign up for a new account and then click Activate as shown in the previous step.

STEP 4 When you click Login, QuickBooks Online account will pair up with your Loc8 account. But, for them to share data, click Authorise.

This will take you back to your Loc8 account and you’ll see a QuickBooks Online Authentication Successful message.

Once the integration is active, you will see the Expires and Last Successful Poll information on the QuickBooks Online integration. The timers automatically keep updating to maintain the connection as you continue working in your Loc8 account.

Setting the Default Product/Service Items

As soon as the integration is activated, a list of Product/Service items created to categorise your company's finances in QuickBooks Online, are pulled into Loc8 and presented in the Items tab under Loc8’s Settings > Company. This is where you can set the appropriate Product/Service items for the Callout, Travel, Hours, Materials and Task charge types recorded in Loc8.

Initially, the default item will show as Sales. As you create new Product/Service items in Quickbooks Online, they will appear here in a few minutes, and then you can just click the checkbox under the Default for [charge type] column corresponding to the preferred Product/Service item.

The Chart of Accounts should be managed and linked to Product/Service item in QuickBooks Online.
If you want to edit your chart of accounts in QuickBooks, have a look at How to edit your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online and other collection of online resources.
If you wish to add item groups for categorising your Products/Services, have a look at Items, Products and Services.

Disabling Loc8 to QuickBooks Online Integration

To turn off the integration, click Disable on the QuickBooks Online integration under Loc8’s Settings > Integrations > Official Integrations. You can enable the integration any time by following the steps mentioned in Connecting Loc8 to QuickBooks Online.

Quick Tips

Check if Loc8 and QuickBooks are talking to each other

While you're working on your Loc8 account, a periodic sync up continues between Loc8 and QuickBooks Online, keeping your data up-to-date in both the applications.

If at all you notice that a new invoice isn’t appearing in Quickbooks Online or any other kind of data mismatch between the two applications, we recommend you to check the Last Successful Poll time on the QuickBooks Online integration under Loc8’s Settings > Integrations > Official Integrations. It will inform you the time when the two applications had last communicated.

If the Last Successful Poll has not updated for a long time, you can:

  • Click Renew or,
  • Click Disable and Activate again

But if the Last Successful Poll is some time after you had made the latest changes and you still don’t see the data sync up – simply click the refresh button on your Loc8 or QuickBooks Online page, whichever is applicable at the moment, and that should do the trick.

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