1. Asset types that require recurring maintenance are created in Loc8. To know more about creating asset types, please read Create Asset Type.
  2. The locations where the maintenance is scheduled has been added as a customer site in Loc8. To know more about creating sites, please read Create Site.

Creating Maintenance Schedule

STEP 1 Go to the Maintenance Schedule page.

STEP 2 Open the Maintenance Schedule wizard.

STEP 3 Provide the maintenance schedule details.

STEP 4 Add the asset type which need maintenance.

STEP 5 Configure the task frequency to define how often the required tasks would be executed. 

You can configure task frequencies in one of the possible three ways:

Tasks to be performed BEFORE the set appointment date at the customer location

Tasks to be performed ON the appointment date at the customer location

Tasks to be performed AFTER the appointment date at the customer location

STEP 6 Enable frequency merging to skip duplicate tasks in the auto-generated job. Frequency merge will check for conflicting date across all task frequencies, and will pick a combination, but, unique set of tasks to be executed on that particular date.

STEP 7 Define the rules to calculate the creation and set the due by date for auto-generated jobs.

You will be setting the start-by date once you have finished creating the maintenance schedule. This has been discussed in section Setting the Start Date for the Maintenance Schedule.

STEP 8 Confirm to create the maintenance schedule with your preferred configurations.

Linking Customer Sites with the new Maintenance Schedule

STEP 9 Next, in the list of maintenance schedules, edit the newly created maintenance schedule to specify the customer sites where the schedule would apply.

Setting the Start Date for the Maintenance Schedule

STEP 10 Set the start by date, from when the jobs should be auto-generated.

Activating Maintenance Schedule

STEP 11 Once the customer sites have been specified and the start by date has been set, activate the maintenance schedule.

Select a row and notice the scheduled dates at the bottom of your screen. It prompts when would the jobs automatically generate for the configured tasks that you've set on specific calendar frequencies. 

On activating, you can may choose to allow Loc8 to create the first audit job for you if you practice an initial audit at the customer site before starting the actual work.

Now, when you go to the Jobs area, you'll find a list of auto-generated jobs, corresponding to the maintenance schedule you've activated for a customer site.

You can go ahead and set the appointment date for the job and assign it to technicians.

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